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PRR 9795, EF-15A, 1965
Title:  PRR 9795, EF-15A, 1965
Description:  Slope to Works. Here is an original photo that I took of a Pennsylvania Railroad train between SLOPE and WORKS Towers in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on 06 June 1965. Shown here (R to L) is PRR engine #9795 and two other units whose numbers are not legible. All were built by EMD. #9797 is an EF-15A built in 1951 and rated at 1,500 horsepower. They are pulling an eastbound mixed-cargo freight and are about to pass under the 24th Street Bridge.
Photo Date:  6/6/1965  Upload Date: 6/25/2016 4:15:28 PM
Location:  Altoona, PA
Author:  Thomas C. Ayers
Locomotives:  PRR 9795(F7A)
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Union Pacific 2373
Title:  Union Pacific 2373
Description:  The Wellsville Mountains, an extension of the Wasatch Range provide the backdrop as the Malad Local leaves Brigham
Photo Date:  9/15/1995  Upload Date: 6/25/2016 3:43:11 PM
Location:  Brigham City, UT
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  UP 2373(GP39-2) UP 2371(GP39-2)
Views:  28   Comments: 1
Soo Line Danbury Turn
Title:  Soo Line Danbury Turn
Description:  Southbound local crossing the Yellow River about a mile north of Webster, WI. Track was still mostly good for 40 mph and there is only about a year and a half left on this St. Paul to Duluth line.
Photo Date:  7/19/1984  Upload Date: 6/19/2016 11:07:24 AM
Location:  Webster, WI
Author:  Tom Dethmers
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  SOO 414(GP9)
Views:  90   Comments: 0
BN Northbound manifest train
Title:  BN Northbound manifest train
Description:  Northbound train 141 or 835 crossing the now abandoned ex-GN bridge at Boylston, WI with an ex-CBQ GP-30 on the point. The BNSF now uses the ex-Soo Line Danbury Sub bridges to cross this river just to the east of here.
Photo Date:  7/1/1985  Upload Date: 6/19/2016 12:19:18 PM
Location:  Boylston Junction, WI
Author:  Tom Dethmers
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  BN 2226(GP30)
Views:  81   Comments: 0
Soo Line Arcola High Bridge
Title:  Soo Line Arcola High Bridge
Description:  Eastbound grain train crossing from Minnesota to Wisconsin
Photo Date:  6/1/1984  Upload Date: 6/22/2016 1:07:07 AM
Location:  Arcola, MN
Author:  Tom Dethmers
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  SOO 4441(GP38-2)
Views:  65   Comments: 1
Southbound NS freight leaves its reflection.
Title:  Southbound NS freight leaves its reflection.
Photo Date:  6/24/2016  Upload Date: 6/24/2016 5:55:40 PM
Location:  Columbus, OH
Author:  Stu Nicholson
Categories:  Roster,RollingStock,Action
Locomotives:  NS 9425(C40-9W) NS 9578(C44-9W) NS 3404(SD40-2)
Views:  47   Comments: 3
NW 611
Title:  NW 611
Photo Date:  6/1/2016  Upload Date: 6/24/2016 1:04:48 PM
Location:  Webster, VA
Author:  Michael Rujak
Locomotives:  NW 611(4-8-4)
Views:  36   Comments: 0
LI 602
Title:  LI 602
Description:  Down from Oyster Bay.
Photo Date:  6/1/1975  Upload Date: 6/24/2016 10:20:33 PM
Location:  Mineola, NY
Author:  Tim Darnell
Categories:  Roster,Station,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  LI 602(Power Car)
Views:  42   Comments: 3
PC 4296, E8A, 1972
Title:  PC 4296, E8A, 1972
Description:  Agnes. Here is an original photo that I took of a Penn Central Railroad train in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on 24 June 1972. Shown here (L to R) is PC engine #4296 and four other units whose numbers are not visible. #4296 is an E8A built by EMD in 1951 and rated at 2,250 horsepower; its original PRR number was "5896." They are heading an eastbound mail train, but their motors have been turned off. Almost all rail traffic has been halted in the wake of Hurricane Agnes. This photo was taken behind the Juniata E&M Shop.
Photo Date:  6/24/1972  Upload Date: 6/23/2016 4:47:27 AM
Location:  Altoona, PA
Author:  Thomas C. Ayers
Locomotives:  PC 4296(E8A)
Views:  95   Comments: 1
Title:  Oddball
Description:  Conrail had 100 GP15-1s, all new from EMD in 1979, which were scattered about the system in local service. Most of them survived to the split, with NS and CSX each getting some. CSX had some already, former Chessie units. On NS, they were orphans, and wound up in odd places. One is working the west end of local H2A(I swear, NS picks the letters and numbers out of a hat when they set up their train symbols) passing the Erie station, at right, in Owego.
Photo Date:  12/16/2003  Upload Date: 6/21/2016 5:15:29 AM
Location:  Owego, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Winter,Action
Locomotives:  NS 1447(GP15-1)
Views:  140   Comments: 2
UP 9988
Title:  UP 9988
Description:  LTA 42 returns to Adams, WI.
Photo Date:  4/22/2016  Upload Date: 6/20/2016 9:44:06 PM
Location:  Dakota, MN
Author:  Jeffrey Streiff
Locomotives:  UP 9988(GP40-2)
Views:  153   Comments: 1
SP 9299 at Tehachapi Loop
Title:  SP 9299 at Tehachapi Loop
Description:  SP 9299
Photo Date:  7/26/1994  Upload Date: 6/17/2016 1:08:05 PM
Location:  Tehachapi Loop, CA
Author:  Jim Greiner
Categories:  Scenic,Tunnel,Track,Action
Locomotives:  SP 9299(SD45T-2)
Views:  204   Comments: 0
At Preble Road
Title:  At Preble Road
Description:  Quickly passing through Preble.
Photo Date:  6/16/2016  Upload Date: 6/17/2016 3:11:38 PM
Location:  Preble, NY
Author:  scott crotwell
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  NYSW 3804(SD60) NYSW 3806(SD60) NYSW 3802(SD60) NYSW 3012(SD32ECO)
Views:  193   Comments: 0
DGNO 3417
Title:  DGNO 3417
Description:  DGNO 3417 and 3418, both SD40M-2s, bracket a RailAmerica painted 3GS21C as the trio pulls out of Cadiz Yard.
Photo Date:  3/27/2016  Upload Date: 6/17/2016 3:21:57 PM
Location:  Dallas, TX
Author:  Roberto Alaniz
Categories:  Roster,Track,Action
Locomotives:  DGNO 3417(SD40M-2) DGNO 2002(3GS21C) DGNO 3418(SD40M-2)
Views:  185   Comments: 1
KCS 30 and GP30
Title:  KCS 30 and GP30
Description:  No, the woods are not on fire. Looks like the GP30 blew a turbo. Date approximate.
Photo Date:  5/1/1977  Upload Date: 6/17/2016 5:01:10 PM
Location:  Minden, LA
Author:  Mose Crews
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  KCS 30(F3A)
Views:  236   Comments: 1
Train 24 Northbound
Title:  Train 24 Northbound
Description:  KCS 70 with F7B and GP30. Date approximate.
Photo Date:  2/1/1977  Upload Date: 6/17/2016 5:23:26 PM
Location:  Gilark, LA
Author:  Mose Crews
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  KCS 70(F7A)
Views:  204   Comments: 1
BNSF 7255
Title:  BNSF 7255
Description:  An EB stacker splits a scuttled pair of search lights just east of the CP 855 XO. Oddly just behind me is a new pair of Vaders that were put up to replace the searchlights, but once the decision was made to put in the 855 XO and CTC the line, they too got abandoned, having never been used...
Photo Date:  6/12/2016  Upload Date: 6/16/2016 9:16:25 PM
Location:  Watab, MN
Author:  Matt Hagfors
Locomotives:  BNSF 7255(ES44DC)
Views:  205   Comments: 1
NECR 3015
Title:  NECR 3015
Photo Date:  4/21/2016  Upload Date: 6/14/2016 9:14:49 PM
Location:  Windham, CT
Author:  Jaiden Jadczak
Categories:  Roster,Track,Action
Locomotives:  NECR 3015(GP40-2LW) NECR 3809(GP40MC)
Views:  258   Comments: 1
Title:  AMTK 92
Description:  Amtrak train #3 Southwest Chief to Los Angeles between Las Vegas NM and Lamy NM at MP 791.2
Photo Date:  4/7/2016  Upload Date: 6/15/2016 12:01:41 AM
Location:  Bernal, NM
Author:  Olaf Junges
Categories:  Signal,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  AMTK 92(P42DC)
Views:  301   Comments: 6
PRR 9819, EF-15A, 1966
Title:  PRR 9819, EF-15A, 1966
Description:  ELDO Action. Here is an original photo that I took of a Pennsylvania Railroad train in the Eldorado section of Altoona, Pennsylvania, during January of 1966. Shown here (L to R) are PRR engines #9819 and #9537. Both locomotives were built by EMD and are rated at 1,500 horsepower each. #9819 is an EF-15A built in 1951, while #9537 is an EF-15 built in 1948. Their crew has received permission to proceed, and so they are moving their train across 58th Street on their way to the Wye Switches and points West.
Photo Date:  1/23/1966  Upload Date: 6/14/2016 9:19:02 AM
Location:  Altoona, PA
Author:  Thomas C. Ayers
Categories:  Winter
Locomotives:  PRR 9819(F7A) PRR 9537(F3A)
Views:  271   Comments: 0
UP 6046 West
Title:  UP 6046 West
Description:  UP Shafter Sub
Photo Date:  6/4/2016  Upload Date: 6/14/2016 3:52:57 PM
Location:  Delle, UT
Author:  Randy Curlin
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  UP 6046(AC44CWCTE) UP 5656(AC44CWCTE)
Views:  229   Comments: 0
GTW 4139
Title:  GTW 4139
Description:  Grand Trunk 4139-4135-4136-4137 are on lease to the DM&E and are setting out cars at the C&NW yard in Mason City
Photo Date:  10/6/1987  Upload Date: 6/13/2016 2:53:27 PM
Location:  Mason City, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  GTW 4139(GP9)
Views:  278   Comments: 1
DM&E 6601
Title:  DM&E 6601
Description:  Accelerating out of a slow order on C&NW trackage. These four old SDs sure sounded good.
Photo Date:  4/18/1987  Upload Date: 6/13/2016 2:29:28 PM
Location:  Northwood, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  DME 6601(SD9)
Views:  294   Comments: 2
AMTK 174
Title:  AMTK 174
Description:  AMTK 174 leads a southbound Cascades along Bellingham Bay on a summer evening
Photo Date:  7/24/2010  Upload Date: 6/13/2016 10:21:07 PM
Location:  Bellingham, WA
Author:  J Fischer
Categories:  Scenic,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  AMTK 174(P42DC)
Views:  259   Comments: 1
BNSF 5836
Title:  BNSF 5836
Description:  BNSF 5836 leads an empty coal train eastbound shortly after dawn
Photo Date:  5/30/2009  Upload Date: 6/12/2016 6:46:15 PM
Location:  Bluestem, WA
Author:  J Fischer
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  BNSF 5836(ES44AC) BNSF 5795(ES44AC)
Views:  281   Comments: 0
PRR 9468, FF-20, 1960
Title:  PRR 9468, FF-20, 1960
Description:  Road Power. Here is an original photo that I took of Pennsylvania Railroad road locomotives in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, on 22 August 1960. Shown here (R to L) are PRR engines #9468 and #9469. Both are FF-20's built by Fairbanks-Morse in 1947 and rated at 2,000 horsepower each. The crew has just coupled onto a long string of new and rebuilt freight cars, and has begun pulling them out of the Yard. This photo was taken near the intersection of Jones and South Juniata Streets. From here, this train will pass the Hollidaysburg Station and WYE Tower, climb the Allegheny Mountains using the New Portage Branch, and merge eventually with the mainline at Gallitzin.
Photo Date:  8/22/1960  Upload Date: 6/11/2016 10:32:10 AM
Location:  Hollidaysburg, PA
Author:  Thomas C. Ayers
Locomotives:  PRR 9468(ERIE-A) PRR 9469(ERIE-A)
Views:  339   Comments: 0
BNSF 6391
Title:  BNSF 6391
Description:  An eastbound empty grain train running 1+1 passes children fishing in Noxon Reservoir just west of Trout Creek on MRL.
Photo Date:  5/25/2016  Upload Date: 6/11/2016 11:21:28 AM
Location:  Trout Creek, MT
Author:  Mike Woodruff
Locomotives:  BNSF 6391(ES44AC)
Views:  310   Comments: 0
South Down the C&M
Title:  South Down the C&M
Description:  After working the yard, CM-10 moves south past an old PRR signal on the Ex CNJ Cumberland & Maurice Branch.
Photo Date:  6/10/2016  Upload Date: 6/11/2016 3:25:22 PM
Location:  Bridgeton, NJ
Author:  Jacob Rink
Locomotives:  WW 576(GP10)
Views:  329   Comments: 1
CVAR 407
Title:  CVAR 407
Description:  Former C&NW 407 leads the Star Clipper near Waverly
Photo Date:  4/19/1987  Upload Date: 6/11/2016 1:00:17 PM
Location:  Waverly, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  CVAR 407(F7A)
Views:  322   Comments: 0
NKP 765 2-8-4 Berkshire
Title:  NKP 765 2-8-4 Berkshire
Description:  NS 957 Steam Special heads west on the NS Chicago District seen here at East Argos.
Photo Date:  6/9/2016  Upload Date: 6/10/2016 12:51:47 PM
Location:  Argos, IN
Author:  Kevin Nelson
Categories:  Steam,Passenger,Action
Locomotives:  NKP 765(2-8-4)
Views:  299   Comments: 0
Soo Line 780
Title:  Soo Line 780
Description:  Westbound at Clear Lake
Photo Date:  2/7/1988  Upload Date: 6/10/2016 12:32:14 PM
Location:  Clear Lake, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Winter,Action
Locomotives:  SOO 780(SD40-2)
Views:  367   Comments: 4
EMD demo units and test car passing through Auburn
Title:  EMD demo units and test car passing through Auburn
Description:  Westbound with EMD Sd-70ace units coming down the #2 mainline over highway 80.
Photo Date:  6/9/2016  Upload Date: 6/10/2016 12:37:28 PM
Location:  Auburn, CA
Author:  Clark Gillis
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  EMDX 1502(SD70ACe) EMDX 1503(SD70ACe)
Views:  392   Comments: 0
Soo Line 6362
Title:  Soo Line 6362
Description:  Westbound at Jackson Junction with 7 units. The secondary line to Paralta left the mainline at Jackson Jct.
Photo Date:  10/16/1988  Upload Date: 6/10/2016 12:54:44 PM
Location:  Jackson Junction, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  SOO 6362(SD40-2)
Views:  336   Comments: 0
SW 4227
Title:  SW 4227
Description:  Cimarron Valley RR - Satanta yard job.
Photo Date:  4/6/2016  Upload Date: 6/8/2016 12:01:11 AM
Location:  Satanta, KS
Author:  Olaf Junges
Categories:  Yard
Locomotives:  SW 4227(GP30)
Views:  451   Comments: 7
Storm clouds overhead
Title:  Storm clouds overhead
Photo Date:  8/27/2015  Upload Date: 6/8/2016 1:00:16 AM
Location:  Brattleboro, VT
Author:  G Wirth
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  NECR 2681(SD40M-2)
Views:  411   Comments: 1
DH 7312
Title:  DH 7312
Photo Date:  6/20/1988  Upload Date: 1/4/2008 12:06:06 PM
Location:  Conklin, NY
Author:  Sam Botts
Locomotives:  DH 7312(GP38-2) DH 382(GP39-2) NYSW 4006(B40-8)
Views:  1632   Comments: 2
The Whole View
Title:  The Whole View
Description:  The whole elevator is viewed from near the next crossing
Photo Date:  6/3/2016  Upload Date: 6/5/2016 5:01:57 PM
Location:  Lennon, MI
Author:  Jeff Williams
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  MQT 3390(SD40-2) HESR 2668(SD40M-2)
Views:  403   Comments: 1
LC SD40-2T #6002 C
Title:  LC SD40-2T #6002 C
Description:  NS 337 crew delivers new power to the L&C, the line's first six axle locomotives.
Photo Date:  5/30/2016  Upload Date: 6/5/2016 6:27:54 PM
Location:  Chester, SC
Author:  Joseph Hinson
Locomotives:  LC 6002(SD40T-2) LC 9146(C40-8)
Views:  515   Comments: 1
CR 6111
Title:  CR 6111
Description:  I think symbol is NJT-1
Photo Date:  4/17/1977  Upload Date: 6/6/2016 11:30:31 AM
Location:  Marysville, PA
Author:  Tim Darnell
Locomotives:  CR 6111(SD45)
Views:  382   Comments: 3
Peabody Coal 900
Title:  Peabody Coal 900
Description:  A rare Alco RS27 powers a short coal train shuttle
Photo Date:  3/12/1984  Upload Date: 6/6/2016 5:11:39 PM
Location:  Shawneetown, IL
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  PCCX 900(RS27)
Views:  422   Comments: 1
Last blade
Title:  Last blade
Description:  The last semaphore in service on the Southern Tier witnesses the passing of 41T at west Endicott.
Photo Date:  12/17/2002  Upload Date: 6/4/2016 4:47:51 AM
Location:  Endicott, NY
Author:  Tom Beckett
Categories:  Scenic,Winter,Signal,Action
Locomotives:  CN 5656(SD75I) CN 5273(SD40-2W) CN 5670(SD75I)
Views:  420   Comments: 1
BN 6614
Title:  BN 6614
Description:  Two big F45's are eastbound over Johnson Creek, near Burke on the C&I mainline. The Milwaukee Road's Ashdale (a junction between Lanark and Mt. Carroll) to Ebner cutoff passed under this bridge until abandonment in 1952.
Photo Date:  10/28/1979  Upload Date: 6/4/2016 11:49:04 AM
Location:  Burke, IL
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  BN 6614(F45) BN 6644(F45)
Views:  439   Comments: 1
SP 8665
Title:  SP 8665
Description:  SP 8665 leads a trio of UP units down off the Palmdale Cutoff toward West Colton yard. A local waits on the balloon track before heading west.
Photo Date:  3/20/1977  Upload Date: 6/4/2016 4:49:56 PM
Location:  West Colton, CA
Author:  Ron Hawkins
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  SP 8665(U33C)
Views:  445   Comments: 1
FEC 802 on FEC 101
Title:  FEC 802 on FEC 101
Photo Date:  12/26/2014  Upload Date: 6/1/2016 10:28:02 PM
Location:  Jacksonville, FL
Author:  Adam Finger
Categories:  Signal,Action
Locomotives:  FEC 802(ES44C4) FEC 438(GP40-2)
Views:  445   Comments: 0
BNSF 6999
Title:  BNSF 6999
Description:  BNSF 6999 leads an eastbound freight destined for S Seattle over Salmon Bay on a holiday afternoon
Photo Date:  5/30/2016  Upload Date: 6/2/2016 10:09:49 PM
Location:  Seattle, WA
Author:  J Fischer
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  BNSF 6999(ES44C4) BNSF 7139(ES44C4) CREX 1325(ES44AC)
Views:  453   Comments: 1
PRR 5867, EP-20, 1960
Title:  PRR 5867, EP-20, 1960
Description:  First Shots. Here is an original photo that I took of a Pennsylvania Railroad train in Altoona, Pennsylvania, during the Spring of 1960. Shown here is PRR engine #5867 and two other units whose numbers are not visible. All were built by EMD. #5867 is an EP-20 built in 1949 and rated at 2,000 horsepower. It is pulling a westbound mail/express train under the 17th Street Bridge. Also visible are the Passenger Station and Train Shed in the middle distance, along with the 12th Street Car Shops on the right.
Photo Date:  4/16/1960  Upload Date: 6/1/2016 12:11:18 PM
Location:  Altoona, PA
Author:  Thomas C. Ayers
Locomotives:  PRR 5867(E7A)
Views:  560   Comments: 2
TPW 2011
Title:  TPW 2011
Description:  Crossing the ICGs Chicago-New Orleans mainline. The TP&W also crossed the St. Louis mainline at Gilman
Photo Date:  8/18/1983  Upload Date: 6/1/2016 12:01:16 PM
Location:  Gilman, IL
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Station,Action
Locomotives:  TPW 2011(GP38-2)
Views:  502   Comments: 1
Milwaukee 113A
Title:  Milwaukee 113A
Description:  On BN track south of Rochelle. The Milwaukee had trackage rights on the BN between Steward Jct and Flagg Center.
Photo Date:  5/25/1979  Upload Date: 5/30/2016 11:50:56 AM
Location:  Rochelle, IL
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  MILW 113A(F7A)
Views:  528   Comments: 0
Soo Line 6009
Title:  Soo Line 6009
Description:  Street running at Bellevue with a southbound manifest. The 3 foot narrow gauge Bellevue and Cascade originated here and was dismantled in 1936.
Photo Date:  3/6/1988  Upload Date: 5/30/2016 2:00:53 PM
Location:  Bellevue, IA
Author:  Richard Kundert
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  SOO 6009(SD60)
Views:  505   Comments: 0
BNSF 7268
Title:  BNSF 7268
Description:  The KCK-PAS descends Crawford Hill.
Photo Date:  5/28/2016  Upload Date: 5/28/2016 11:35:04 PM
Location:  Crawford, NE
Author:  Mike Woodruff
Locomotives:  BNSF 7268(ES44DC)
Views:  540   Comments: 3

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